Saturday, May 23, 2015

DIY Segway

I have always wanted a Segway, but the price is out of my range for play money. So of course I decided to make one. I started on this 3 years ago and couldn't get it to turn the wheels so I put it in the corner and said I will get back to it later. Last year I saw someone else's DIY Segway at the Tulsa Mini Maker Faire and this got me thinking I should finish mine. Well, that was July of last year and I'm finally finishing this project. I talked to the guy that made the one at the Tulse Faire and he mentioned that the wheelchair motors I was using may not be fast enough to make the thing stable so for my birthday I purchased 2 Razer scooters as mentioned in the Instructables. Here is where I'm at so far.

Motor and bracket removal

It's free!

Now i have something to work with


Perfect mounting holes already available

And the other side reassembled 

Basic frame size

More holes needed

It will hold me up!

This is actually the front

Bending the handle bar to 90 degrees

Starting to look right

The basic Segway frame is complete

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