Friday, April 17, 2015

Hello World!

Who is Jason Quail? 
Jason is a person who likes to live in the future but instead of dreaming of things to come he creates the future around him. He is the kind of person that will change the world someday even if it is just a little bit. He looks at a problem and calls it an opportunity and then looks at 20 different options before some people only see one. This is sometimes a hindrance to him and the path to resolution as he sometimes wants to go down a path others aren’t seeing or see more issues with. Jason looks at technology and doesn’t see what it is but what it could be, whether it is something useful now or something that it could become in the future. He doesn’t just think outside the box he thinks about the other side of the country the box is in.  He also has a knack for being able to help you understand even the most complex things that he talks about. He sees the world in a different way than most and can help you see it too. Hearing of a new technology in its fledgling stages starts a whorl wind of thoughts of what the implications are in the next 10 years with something that can only do 1 new thing or one new thing better then the last. Parts of something that is an innovation right now can be utilized for a new way we do something tomorrow in his mind. He sees this as an opportunity to create a new world out of something that was only intended to change the kitchen.

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